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Four Points to Note for Hanging Oil Painting Wall Art

Four Points to Note for Hanging Oil Painting Wall Art

How can oil painting wall art hang to achieve the best effect? We teach you how to hang a painting art from four aspects: the orientation of the oil picture to the light, the height of the hanging picture and the distance between the painting and the painting, the consistency of the interval and the selection of the glass frame.

Generally speaking, oil painting wall art has its limitations in display compared with other kinds of paintings. First of all, it is easy to reflect light. In addition, oil paints emphasizing the texture of the picture with thick coating method are easy to accumulate dust because of fluctuations. In order to achieve better visual effect and protect the picture, there should be a tilt forward and downward when suspending. When abstract painting canvas art is facing the front light, the effect is often poor. We should use the light from the front and the top of the side, and try our best to make the light sou…

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