how to plan a gallery wall

The artwork brings so much energy to a room. Even for the most confident DIYer, but getting from a blank wall to that happy place can feel daunting. (If you’ve ever left a frame leaning against a wall in the den, you're not alone!) Do you want to plan a work that blends with the family-style, or you are an avid collector, just a nudge Filling that big wall, this is a guide to the process of creating a flawless gallery wall.

1.Lean on the ledge
If you have ever-changing tastes and an always-expanding collection, a shallow shelf lets you rearrange the display on a whim (without holes in the wall).
2.Stock staircase
Various large wall art and handmade oil paintings bring color and personality to the staircase wall. Stagger the frame parallel to the steps and use the railing as a guide for the lower edge of the arrangement.
3.Eclectic arrangement
The secret of a cohesive gallery wall is patience and focus. First hang an anchor, and then gradually expand from there. Strive to have at least one unifying principle (color scheme, frame material, artistic style) in all the items you hang.
4.Grid of Family Photos
Give meaningful photos (and people!) In a special spot in your home in a neat arrangement- a smaller set of objects will create an intimate collection and invite guests to come and observe carefully.


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