Tips for Decorative Painting to Decorate Individual Home

Home is a safe haven. Winter is a cold season. Many people choose to enjoy their leisure time at home. Romance with their lover and warmth of their children are all the definitions of home. But no one wants to face the cold loneliness as soon as they enter the house, so let us act quickly and arrange the house properly! Here, the editor specially synthesizes the warmest household information for you in this winter, so that your home is no longer lonely!


Tip 1: Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art Enhances Spatial Sense
In the past, many families did not pay attention to decorative Big Modern Wall Art in the interior. They thought it was a snake painting to add to their needs. Even some families put decorative paintings on the interior, the content of the paintings would choose flowers, grass, fish and insects. With the improvement of people's aesthetic taste, the selection of decorative paintings should also be in line with the overall interior decoration style. At present, more and more people like the simple and lively modern decoration style.

Large Abstract Paintings has always been regarded as a difficult art, but it can play a key role in modern decoration style family. Many people do not understand the content of the painting, but they know whether it looks good or not. This is enough for ordinary families. Modern style home assembly simple abstract painting, can play a role in promoting space.

Tip 2: The first point of sight is the best position
The first place to go into the home is the place where you should put the decorative paintings so that you don't feel that the walls are empty, the sight is not good, and it can also create freshness.

Tip 3: corner decoration to change the direction of sight
In the past, people thought that decorative paintings could only be placed in the middle of a wall. However, in modern design, many designers like to put decorative paintings on the corners. The corner refers to the corner of the indoor space, such as the 90-degree angle of the two walls of the living room. Just like the L-shaped sofa, which is more popular in recent years, the corner decoration paintings also have similar advantages.

Corner decoration Contemporary Wall Art is not very strict with space requirements, can give people a comfortable feeling. On the two walls around the corner, two pictures are placed on one wall, and on the other side, a picture of the same style is placed on the parallel wall, forming a L-shaped combination on the wall. This kind of asymmetric beauty can increase the interest of layout, and there will be no restraint in the interior.

In addition, corner decorative paintings can also remind the master of the change of space through the change of vision. For example, decorative paintings on the way from the living room to the bedroom can play a guiding role.

Tip 4: Stair decorations can be irregular
If you go up the stairs and the wall area you are facing is very large, you can ask professionals to draw pictures directly on the wall. This method is very creative and can be designed according to their own ideas. In addition, if the area is not large, you can place irregular decorative paintings along the stair turning with the shape of the stairs, which is also very good.

Tip 5: Taboos in color selection
Decorative paintings can be placed not only in the living room behind the sofa, on the wall behind the television, in the bedroom, but also on the walls outside the kitchen, balcony and villa. However, it is worth noting that color matching should be carried out according to different spaces. Generally, the interior of modern home decoration style is mainly white, while most decorative paintings are mainly warm tones. It is not appropriate to choose decorative paintings with excessive color. The living room should try to choose bright and lively tones. If the interior decoration color is very stable, such as walnut, you can choose decorative paintings with high gray and artistic sense.

Tip 6: Corresponding to Spatial Shape
If the space wall of the decorative painting is rectangular, then you can choose a decorative painting of the same shape, generally using a medium-sized size can be. However, if you need semi-circular decorative paintings in some places, you can only do things on the screen. For example, you can leave space because there is no semi-circular decorative frame in the market.

Tip 7: Correspond to the details of decorative paintings
After choosing decorative paintings, you can also match some more innovative decorations, such as small sculptures, hand-made ashtrays and so on, which correspond to decorative paintings in detail and can achieve unexpected results.


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