The door that atzel-Large Canvas Wall Art

Large Canvas Wall Art-Adolf menzel was Germany's greatest painter since the Renaissance of durer.Large Canvas Art Cheap When he died at the age of 90, a grand funeral was held for him in the German palace.
Menzel was not only a great 19th-century sketcher, but a great painter of oil,  printmaking, pastel and watercolor.
His works extensively and profoundly reflect the social customs of German society, especially the depiction of industrial production and the life of workers, which was rare in contemporary European painting circles.
Menzel was born to a family of printers in the small eastern German town of bleslaw.Black and White Art In order to cultivate his son's talent in painting, his father moved the printing workshop to Berlin, the capital of Prussia at that time.
In order to further his study, he entered the Berlin academy of fine arts at 18 years old, and later became a painter through self-study due to his poor family.
Menzel created stone engravings and illustrated Goethe's poems. He successfully joined the Berlin young artists association and created 600 illustrations in the biography of Frederick the great in 10 years, which won him the title of historical painter and won the reputation of European painting circle.
At the age of 21, menzel began painting, choosing subjects from real life and becoming a sensitive painter of custom.
After the 1850s, menzel traveled extensively to visit European art resorts,Contemporary Canvas Art especially meeting with French realist master courbet, which made his art more directly oriented to contemporary reality. In 1875, he created the famous realist painting "steel mill".
Menzel is a famous sketch master. He is precise in shape, vivid in writing and expressive.ABSTRACT PAINTING LARGE CANVAS ART
Menzel enjoyed a high reputation in his later years, being appointed honorary President of the university of Berlin at the age of 70 and honorary academician at the academy of fine arts in Petersburg, Russia at the age of 71.

The motto of menzel's life's struggle is: "our destiny is only a climb, but a summit is the work of the next generation."
"Rolling mill" is the earliest outstanding work depicting the working scene of workers in the history of world art.
After the franco-prussian war, Germany built on France's 2 billion war reparations, and developed heavy industrial production. This painting depicts the reality of factory production.
He painted hundreds of sketches for the painting, and went deep into the factory to experience the life of steel rolling.
Menzel was entitled "the contemporary giant" for this masterpiece, which shows the wisdom and power of industrial workers in social development.
The picture space is magnificent, the worker's labor posture is real and vivid.


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