On tone 1-Large Canvas Wall Art

Oil painting cannot be separated from oil color, but oil color painting is not all oil painting.
Oil painting cannot be separated from sketch, but oil painting is not equal to drawing with color.

Five hundred years of oil painting history, show its basic characteristics and laws in color - the law of conditional color.
Leave it, also leave the essence of traditional canvas color skill and feature.
The application of conditional color is later than that of decorative color.
However, the discovery and development of conditional color rule does not mean the decline and death of decorative color rule, but the enrichment and development of art color technique.
Painting, that is, the vividness of sketching color,Great Big Canvas can not be obtained without mastering the rule of conditional color.
And the first key problem of conditional color rule is tone.
In life, in art, hue is never isolated; it is combined with form.
But it has its own laws.
In life, color is everywhere, it covers everything.
In artworks, it is the main color tendency of artworks to the appreciators.
To the creator, it is the captain and command of the art.
Rich local warm and cold colors, if there is no tonal command and command, lose the unity of the whole color;
It is inevitable that "flowers", "chaos", disharmony;
There is no unified atmosphere, emotional appeal;
It is difficult to achieve color to express god, color lyric,Big Canvas Art color freehand effect.
Tone in nature, tone is the child of color.
The hue of the image reflects the color of the light source.
Different colours produce different tones.
Monet's several different copies of the cathedral of rouen are showing different shades of light.
The tone of the church's bright face changes with the change of sunlight color, and the dark face changes with the change of sky color and environment color.
The morning sunlight slants warm yellow, the sky light slants orchid violet, irradiate in the light gray church, the church bright surface tone then follows the sunlight but near warm yellow, the dark side follows the sky light but near orchid.
Near noon, the sun is white and warm, the sky light is blue, the church's bright and dark side also changes with it.
The church at dusk is in the shadow of the backlight, there is no sunlit side,Large Canvas Art the whole church is affected by the skylight and cold, standing in the sky full of warm light.
Illuminant color cold warm trend is clear, tonal obey illuminant color.
Light sources tend to be weak or nearly colorless (white), and the hue of the image itself becomes the dominant hue.
Like manet's "the flute boy", the light color tendency is weak.
The color of the image itself in the painting is composed of warm colors.
Tone is objective, but not everyone recognizes it.
People usually pay more attention to the hue of each object and are good at removing the influence of light and environment


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