Nordic decorative painting

Art of design is a comprehensive interdisciplinary subject.Decorative painting is an important part of the art of design. Decorative painting gradually covers the basic elements of people's life and various aspects of cultural needs.The following is a selection of Nordic decorative painting materials  Classification of style decorative paintings

1. Living room decorative painting
Because the sitting room is the face of a family, it is family main activity area also is to entertain a guest place, need beautiful adornment, can reflect the identity of household host and position as well as knowledge, accomplishment,

need a few adornment to draw the finishing point effect so, will express master aesthetic emotional appeal.
2. Decorative painting of the study
The study is the place that bedroom host learns, also be the place that its individual character shows.Hanging can reflect their thoughts and wishes decorative painting can not only build the atmosphere of learning, striving and

enterprising but also inspire themselves and get inspiration.
3. Bedroom decoration painting
The role is to relax our body and mind, get a good rest and sleep quality.So the choice that decorates a picture to want to choose to build sweet atmosphere, do not choose eerily, too too individual character, make public style, do not

hang fierce animal.
4. Restaurant decorative painting
Hanging decorative paintings can create a good dining atmosphere and stimulate our appetite.Choose to go up with the picture of delicate quietly elegant is good, yellow, orange can stimulate appetite, but color does not want too

garish;Purple, yellow green decrease appetite, do not choose as far as possible.


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