Hand painting background wall Wire style

In this "not too cold" house, white and texture become the most prominent and dazzling theme.
Stylist ji introduces, in the room of white, the world of outdoor multicoloured sprinkles bright whole room below the set off of sunshine, become true "mass-tone attune", also be accordingly, large canvas wall art inherited this one style.
Do not have noise guest to seize master, show off modelling to attract the eyeball of people overly, just used a few stainless steel line to adorn gently one time, the theme that divides a space is expressed thoroughly, combine with fashionable plasma TV 2 for one, make wonderful image becomes the focal point that people notices.

Glass material is avant-garde and fashionable
By avant-garde fashion design elements to create the "bright spot" space of the sitting room also is at present the popular trend of TV setting wall, for instance, use the material such as glass or metal, already beautiful and easy, and moistureproof, mouldproof, heat resistant, can also scrub, easy to clean and do, and this kind of material selection, most combine furniture jointly shape the atmosphere of the sitting room.

Ink landscape painting as the highlight
The TV wall of this case and the style of whole room coordinate consistent.
The modelling of inverted trapezoid produces float carve feeling with lamplight, appear serious and atmosphere.
The materials are imported high-quality wood-grain stone, which is luxurious but simple, and easy to manage. It is consistent with the special ink painting "lijiang river landscape" written by friends.
Director stylist huang xiaoxia thinks, should notice the design of TV setting wall cannot too complex, can destroy whole effect of whole space otherwise otherwise, and do hard.

Has bright colors and geometric shapes.
This design mainly with bright colour and all sorts of ornamental thread to enrich an ornament, but furniture is put inside the sitting room concise do not break drab, main color (the wall) to orange and orange walls of blue and lemon

yellow two big triangle patch collage of TV setting wall has become the highlight of the whole sitting room, it adopted the combination of ornamental thread and elegant material apply, adornment detail is trival and complex, clever, bold colors, blue, yellow color contrast.

Household appliances as design elements
Plasma TV and liquid crystal TV all compare cover an area son, in order to save indoor space, can realize the home appliance "invisible", more and more home installs stylist to regard the home appliance as the element in the design

process to add in design plan, the design of this TV background wall is very good example.
And deserve to act the role of with proper picture and a few exquisite small adorn article try to adorn, wait for a child TV or liquid crystal TV can appear completely with the form of adornment picture or aquarium.

Hand painting background wall - precautions for hand painting background wall
The method of making hand-painted walls is very simple, but there are certain requirements on the maker's painting skills.
So the following methods and precautions must be noted!
The material that hand draws a wall to draw: of all sorts of environmental protection coating, brush, arrange pen, chalk, pencil, rinse brush cylinder, small area wall (the person that learns to paint and art foundation is weak had better choose not very conspicuous small wall).

We do not suggest whole room is drawn on coloured drawing design commonly, can let a space appear without administrative levels in that way.
You can choose one side to compare main metope, large area is painted.
This kind of hand-painted wall painting is the main decoration face in the home appears, often can bring very big visual impact to the person, the effect is very outstanding, impressive.
The other is targeted at some special Spaces, such as the sunlight room can be locally painted with the sun, flowers and birds as the theme of the painting, in the stairwell painting a tree, and so on.
Still have a kind to belong to dot eyeball type, like switch seat, air conditioning the corner position such as tube.
Painted on the refined flowers, the natural leaves often can bring unexpected results.

The manual large canvas wall art  background wall is the most widely used type of background wall in current life.
These styles of hand-painted background walls are more suitable for the use of the public family, which can achieve the most basic comfort level and bring help to people's visual effects.


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